Sharon Hansford

Acupuncture in Market Harborough


Neck acupunctureEach treatment is tailored to the individual. Even if two people are suffering with the same symptoms, their treatments could be very different and response rates to treatment will vary. It is not unusual for the patient to feel a difference around treatment five. The first treatment begins with a consultation where a detailed medical history is taken as well as a discussion of any symptoms, treatments so far received and aspects of your diet, sleeping patterns, emotions and digestive system. After a simple physical examination acupuncture points are used, which may not be close to the area of the body where the problem is being experienced. This first appointment lasts around one hour but subsequent treatments are about 30 to 45 minutes. At the start of each treatment progress is reassessed before proceeding.

NeedlesAcupuncture needles are very fine and should not be compared to those used for blood tests or injections.They come in single use sterile packets, they are opened in front of you and disposed of safely at the end of each treatment. The needles are carefully inserted into acupuncture or trigger points, they may be in for a few seconds or for up to 30 minutes depending on the effect that Sharon wishes to achieve. The insertion is usually painless and a slight sensation is felt when the needles are manipulated, but this doesn’t last.

Please contact Sharon if you have any queries or concerns. Remember that good health is not just the absence of disease or pain, maintenance treatments are chosen by patients as a preventative measure or simply to improve their sense of well being.

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