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Acupuncture in Market Harborough

Other Therapies

Auricular therapyAuricular therapy is used for both diagnosis and treatment as it is a very powerful micro system of acupuncture. Very short needles can be inserted using a special tool that can make it pain free  or acupressure is used with ear seeds, magnets or balls for gentle stimulation. There has been research done into the use of ear acupuncture specifically around drug abuse, obesity, insomnia and acute pain syndromes. Infact prison officers are trained in basic detox treatments to assist inmates with drug related issues.

KHTKorean Hand Acupuncture is ideal for patients who may have a needle phobia as acupressure or moxa (stimulating the points with heat) can be used instead of or along side very small needles. Another advantage is that if you have reduced mobility you do not need to actually get on a couch or disrobe. So it is suitable for all age groups including children as a non invasive treatment. All body points are found in the hand.

Gua Sha


Gua Sha is used to increase blood flow to the area being stroked, it is a Japanese technique that is used with massage oil. It can help inflammation and so is recommended for chronic pain, often the symptoms associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia and those conditions affected by tight muscles.



Cupping like Gua Sha is used to promote blood flow to an area to help the body to heal, it derieves from China. You can often see cup marks left behind as suction is used on clients. However, Sharon uses moving cups so that it has the benefit of releasing fascia tissue but without leaving longer lasting round patches.




Electro Acupuncture uses the same small, fine needles but they are used in pairs to stimulate specific pressure points to fight pain. A machine delivers an electrical impulse through the needles via electrodes. Sharon has adjustable currents, so voltages and frequencies can be altered to suit the patient. It is similar to using a TEN’s  machine.



Taping, known as acupressure, kinesiology or physio tape is really useful to support a joint after a treatment whilst allowing the acupuncture to take affect. There is nothing special about the tape but the technique in which it is applied encourages blood flow to the area and gets the lymphatic system working. It therefore stabilises muscles and joints during physical activity and when there is discomfort. You may have noticed atheletes sporting it.



Moxibustion is the stimulating of an acupuncture point using heat. It is used to warm up an area that feels cold, either directly with moxa cones or indirectly with a moxa stick. The herb used externally, has natural properties that help increase blood flow to the area when the patient is needled. It is also worth trying for breach babies. Sharon receives referrals from midwives as she has had much success in turning babies from 32 weeks using the indirect method and no needles!!!

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