Sharon Hansford

Acupuncture in Market Harborough

Fertility & Pregnancy

Working with fertility is one of the greatest gifts a couple can bestow on an acupuncturist. It brings challenges but hopefully rewards. Couples come to acupuncture very often when they have been trying to conceive for a long period. They visit because they are trying to conceive naturally or with the help of assisted reproduction.

Fertility ScrabbleWhen couples have had the diagnosis of ‘unexplained fertility’, Sharon looks at the female mentrual cycle to make sure periods are regular, painfree, not too heavy and that they are ovulating. ┬áBut lets not forget it takes two to make a baby, so Sharon also works on male fertility as well!!

If you are using Assisted Reproduction like clomid or IVF for example, acupuncture still plays a role in dealing with the drugs you have to take, it can feel very invasive with the side effects. It is also recommended by many fertility clinics who refer as they notice the benefits of acupuncture treatment increasing the chances of becoming pregnant.

Diet and lifestyle choices also play a role, as if you are stressed you are less likely to conceive. Five Element acupuncture is great at attempting to calm and rebalance as it works on the emotional level to reduce anxieties. A handy tip when trying to conceive is to increase your protein levels as these are the building blocks that create new growth.

Sharon has undergone training with Jani White an Acupuncturist, Midwife and Doula, she runs the Acupuncture Fertility Network.

Sperm and egg

Pregnancy can bring its own set of niggling symptoms or concerns that many ladies do not wish to take drugs for and look to acupuncture as a healthier alternative for their babies and their own health. It can help with many pregnancy related conditions and it is safe to use in the first trimester. Moxibustion can help turn breach babies from 32 weeks. Many of Sharon’s patients attend at 36 weeks onwards for pre birth treatment to help prepare and ripen their cervix.


Please speak to Sharon if you feel you need help, she has taken workshops with Debra Betts, a renowned Midwife and Acupuncturist. It has been lovely when proud parents have visited the clinic for a cuddle with their newborn whether they have had help with conception, through pregnancy or both.

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